Business From The Heart - Authentic Marketing

welcome to this space of love in action 

This work is about celebrating uniqueness, being yourself and opening up to business as the most transformative and life-changing journey ever. It’s about authenticity, spirituality and walking lightly on the Earth. Follow the steps below to tune in…


1. the best way to learn authentic marketing

Is to join the community of conscious souls, yoga teachers and healers in business.  You are not alone. There’s a whole tribe of sensitive beings out there working to create a heaven on earth in their own way. They’re asking questions about how can we make enough money doing what we love, without compromise, selling our souls or resorting to slimy, in-your-face techniques? How can we be completely, utterly ourselves in this world. bringing all our airy, philosophical, deep-truth-seeking, fluffy rainbow, dolphins and freak-flags-flying-high ways? Is it even possible? Yes. It starts with your heart and mine. It starts with community. So join in the conversation, take your shoes off, make a cuppa herbal tea and slowly feel your way into business as spiritual practice and making enough money doing what you love. I’ll also send you something special to inspire and kickstart the authentic marketing process: a hefty Guide to Low-Cost and Free Authentic Marketing. I hope you enjoy!

2. mosey through the blog, videos and recordings

Conscious business is an evolutionary path where the learning never stops. Nothing is static. It’s all unfolding, intense, wild, crazy-making. And liberating. In the writings, videos, interviews and recordings on the blog, you’ll find everything I know about the journey thus far. Occasionally embarrassing looks at my biggest mistakes, fears, revelations, radical discoveries, gift economy ramblings and more. I don’t hide or hold anything back or place a value on the knowledge contained here, that’s up to you and how it speaks to the most silent part of your being. Here are some of my favourite posts to orient you in this space: Love In Action: 3 Questions To Choose A Path With Heart, How To Be Authentic On Facebook, Inbox Bliss: Email Management For Expanded Beings,  You Don’t Need To “Resonate With” Or “Like” Your Marketing In Conscious Business and (on Elephant Journal) Do We Really Need A Purpose To Be Abundant, Happy and Successful? You can find several video and recorded interviews and conversations of beauty too and download all the Abundance Session recordings to help feel your way into business from the heart.

3. work with me

Via the extraordinary gift of the work of Charles Eisenstein and Sacred Economics, in June 2014 I made the decision to move my work into the gift economy. As much as possible, I offer the authentic marketing coaching, events, courses and classes here as a gift or by donation. If you’re in a place of genuine financial hardship and cannot afford the suggested donation amount, you are still welcome to participate. 

4. drop me a line to say, hi!

Business from the heart is all about personal connection, that’s you and me sharing the love and we have much to learn from each other on this journey. So if you’ve got a burning question, a tingling deep in your heart, flutters of fear or uncertainty around doing what you love and being paid for it, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. I’ll respond to you personally within a week with perhaps some tips or ideas on getting started or even use your note (with your permission) to write an article that goes deeper into the topic for everyone. You can also respond to any emails you receive after you join the community – your response will go to my inbox and I’ll connect with you as soon as I can.


Love, Mirror